Old Jeans Can Make You Cool - and Warm!

2009-04-09 12:00:21 UTC

On Sunday I was reading the paper about a couple who did an amazing green remodel to their home. It was their third renovation, so they have loads of experience. I envy the whole project, but one choice in particular jumped out at me -- they're using insulation made from old blue jeans.

This reminded me of a story a good friend told me, that the new California Academy of Sciences building in Golden Gate Park is also insulated with blue jeans, using material donated from San Francisco-based, legendary jeans company Levi Strauss.

James Brown

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how did you fin

2009-04-09 12:02:09 UTC

I worked with one of the founders of Tinkuy in the past and thought it was a great idea. So I contribute as much as I can on a daily basis. What do you like most about this Web site? James

2009-04-09 12:33:02 UTC

thanks !

2009-04-10 13:41:54 UTC
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